Full Service/Order Fulfillment/Pick and Pack Warehousing

Delta One Storage provides Full Service/Order Fulfillment/Pick and Pack warehousing with over 40 forklifts, 8 stretch wrap machines, years of inventory experience, and a ready workforce.  We can break down orders to your specification, stretch-wrap products and/or use plastic or metal bands.  We also have experience with small parcel shipments.  We use a cloud-based inventory management system (WMS) for all transactions.  Our system can auto-email customers all receipts and orders, including a description of the transaction, signed BOLs, pictures, and more.  Customers can log in to view their current inventory levels, view a full history of all transactions (including PDF links of all POD/BOLS, etc), track Lot#s and PO#s, and much more!  Let Delta One Storage be your order fulfillment warehouse for all of your pick and pack warehousing needs.


  • Port Barre, LA
  • Opelousas, LA
  • Lafayette, LA
  • Washington, LA



Contact us for information regarding any of our services from storage, warehousing, trucking, and third party logistics services to property prices and availability, sign creation, and more.

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