About the Delta One Family of Companies

In 1946, Randolph McCormick, Sr. founded the Dixie Glass Company in the rural town of Opelousas, Louisiana. The McCormick family had been in the glass business for many years, so glass was nothing new to Randolph. He started with one small glass shop; it was a humble beginning.

As the business grew, Randolph opened additional glass shops in other locations. Dixie Glass eventually grew to forty-three stores and stretched across five states: from Orange, Texas to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. During this time, Randolph incorporated McCormick Realty, Inc. to manage the properties. Also during this time, Randolph formed his own glass fabrication plant to produce glass. At its peak, the plant became one of the largest in the south. It provided glass to eleven states on a daily basis, and employed over one-hundred fifty people. The Dixie Glass conglomerate employed over five-hundred people total, and was notably the nation’s top purchaser of Ford Motor Company windshields. To this day, the McCormick family provides glass service that remains highly competitive in the industry.

After selling the original forty-three glass stores and glass fabrication plant, McCormick had further aspirations. He had a vision about an abandoned lumber facility in the small town of Port Barre, Louisiana. His initial idea was to manufacture windshields in the facility, but the cost was high. During this time, he was contacted and asked if he was interested in leasing a portion of the building for storage. Without hesitation, Randolph began to lease the buildings. As the warehouses began to fill, he saw the need for warehouse expansion. This was the beginning of Delta One Storage, which extends throughout much of southern Louisiana. Delta One Storage’s expansions created a need for trucking; thus, Delta One Trucking, LLC was born. Randolph McCormick had a great ability to sense and adjust to the market’s demands.

This was the beginning of the Delta One family of companies still in action today. These businesses include: McCormick Realty, Inc, Delta One Storage, A-Plus Glass, Delta One Trucking, LLC, and Delta One Signs. We are still a family owned business that currently provides over eighty jobs around southern Louisiana.



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